Daniela Landherr

Head of Talent Engagement, GOOGLE

Alexander Larsen

Daniela Landherr

  • Head of Talent Engagement and Outreach strategies at GOOGLE in EMEA
  • Lecturer at HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich
  • Board Member (Mindfire, Starmind, etc.)

Workshop: “How Inclusive Leadership Drives Cultural Transformation - NEW LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP "

New language of Leadership

for cultural transformation

  • Daniela is Head of Talent Engagement and Outreach strategies at GOOGLE in EMEA.
  • Daniela serves on the board of multiple organizations and advises leaders on how to build engaged and high-performing teams. She unlocks and enables potential through coaching on cultural, organizational and digital transformation, employee engagement and inclusive leadership driving innovation in the digital age.
  • As a global leader in a multinational technology company, a lecturer in academia and a board member of several multinational companies and organizations, Daniela brings us a unique set of skills and special tools for leaders and board members, sharing her extensive experience to help us create engaged, innovative, high performance teams and organizations.
  • Daniela brings a distinctive mix of academic experience based on organizational psychology, practical leadership experience at Google and 50+ advisory mandates that enable her to advise national and multinational organizations on change processes at individual, team and organizational levels driving sustainable positive impact.
  • In order to drive change and innovation and grow the next generation of LEADERS, Daniela will deliver workshop "NEW LANGUAGE of LEADERSHIP for CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION", at BBForumu 2021 based on preceding analysis and research, providing tools and techniques to develop LEADERS their people, teams and organizations.

  • Underlining all that matters most with the rapid development of technology in the workplace, remote work and results-based leadership, it provides powerful tools for leaders to positively impact their own development and create efficient and profitable environments that foster innovation and lasting impact and results for companies.
  • Outside of the corporate multinational tech environment, Daniela holds several board seats and is a lecturer at the HWZ University in Switzerland teaching inclusive leadership, talent engagement, digital HR strategies and how work culture drives innovation. She also provides insights as guest lecturer at universities and gives talks at conferences and corporations globally.
  • Coupled with her executive education from Stanford and INSEAD, Daniela inspires, empowers and enables LEADERS to unlock potential in themselves and in their people to drive cultural and organizational change.
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