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Dr Isaac Sheps

Dr Isaac Sheps


Chair of the Israel Standard Institute
Former member of Carlsberg group Executive Committee
Masterclass “The Journey: Achieving Sustained Organizational Success”


  • Chair of the Standard Institute Central Committee for MSS in Israel

  • Former member of Carlsberg group Executive Committee

  • Received Denmark’s Royal Medal of Honor in recognition of outstanding and meritorious effort in promoting Danish products abroad

  • As President and CEO of Carlsberg in United Kingdom, he tripled the profits with increasing market share from 13% to 15% within the period of decline of Britain’s beer market. Led radical restructuring of sales and distribution organizational structure in the UK
  • Carlsberg family of brands became the most popular family of off-trade brands in the UK

  • President and CEO Carlsberg companies in South Eastern Europe- Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria

  • As CEO of Carlsberg South Eastern Europe he achieved incredible results by growing grew volumes by over 40%, increase average net sales by over 30% resulting a five-fold increase in earnings within 3 years 

  • Even though first international CEO of Carlsberg Russia he managed to turnaround market decline into the continuous growth, and implement  change of organizational culture for 10,000 employees

  • Expert for quality standards- participated in creation of ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 standards 

  • 25 years Member of International Board ISO-TC176, responsible for development of family standards ISO 9000

  • Co- author of the book The Journey: Achieving Sustained Organizational Success, practical guide for achieving sustainable success in organizations, published by ASQ Quality press (American  society for quality)

  • Published and presented numerous research papers in quality management and business

  • Holds a PhD in economics, MBA with bachelor degree in engineering