Mirjana Gomilanivc


Executive Coach


Mirjana Gomilanovic is a professional certified coach and speaker in the field of leader development and organizational growth, the author of books “A Lighthouse in Me” and “A Boy in Executive Suit”, executive director of the agency “One2grow – Leadership Coaching” .

Mirjana is the author of a unique leader development programme “What are we taught by Leonardo?”. which is based on the seven postulates of Leonardo da Vinci and through the prism of the integrity and uniqueness of the person supports the development of leadership thinking, and thus leadership.

Mirjana believes that we are all born to be happy, and that all business should be human-centric. Therefore, maximizing the strengths of leaders benefits not only them, but also the organizations and the entire community.

In her work she uses personal experience, which she gained working for more than ten years in the positions of sales and marketing director in domestic and international companies (IBM, Siemens, Telekom Srbija and Orion Telekom)



Head of Ventures, LEGO Ventures

Innovation Director, LEGO GROUP

Co-founder and CEO, Diplomatic Rebels