Elvin Turner


Advisory Board Member
Global Innovation Institute

Elvin Turner is an award-winning innovation expert and associate professor of innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing for MBA and executive education programmes at several Universities.

Author of the global bestseller on innovation, the book “BE LESS ZOMBIE: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people” which is included in some MBA and university entrepreneurship programs in the world and became #1 book on the AMAZON bestseller list in as many as 7 category.

He is also an award-winning leadership development programme designer (Sony Music global innovation leadership programme 2016).

He is a member of the Advisory Board at GLNL – Global Innovation Institute in Great Britain and Director of Organizational Innovation Consulting – DPA whose clients include: Coca-Cola, Ebay, Nokia, Electronic Arts, Dell, Sony Electronics, GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, Wiley, Pernod Ricard, Allianz, BBVA, Graze.Innovation.

Owner & CEO of consulting company Elvin Turner & Associates Ltd, which provides consulting to international clients in the field of Innovation. Some of the prestigious clients he works with are: Universal, IBM, Telefonica O2, Cisco, Santander, SAP, Pfizer, Accenture, Microsoft, Sony Music, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Giffgaff, Hitachi, Axa, Hillsong, Next, Tesco Mobile , Pinsent Mason, Ogilvy and others.

Mentor of Cisco corporate innovation at the global level. Elvin Turner is also an associate professor at the famous Surrey University in Great Britain, on the MBA program for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, as well as an associate professor at Henley Business School.

He has coached hundreds of corporate innovation initiatives around the world, helping leaders and managers overcome the many barriers that they face when trying to turn new ideas into action.
His experience extends from working with new and disruptive technology start-ups, through to seasoned leadership teams inside conservative, global institutions.

At the Balkan Business Forum 2023, Elvin will hold the TEAM PERFORMANCE LAB – BE LESS ZOMBIE workshop, which is a practical, interactive guide for any team or organization that needs to adapt its culture, processes, leadership and decision-making for the era of increasingly unpredictable and rapid changes. The workshop will share practical tools and strategies used to create and introduce innovation and show how to apply them in a team to enable managers to systematically foster ingenuity, agility and profitable creativity in their team.

During the session, Elvin will also help you diagnose your team’s innovation strengths and find new opportunities for development.

While at VIP session, you will have the opportunity to work on developing your prototype team innovation strategy that you can immediately turn into action. All participants of the VIP session will receive the book “BE LESS ZOMBIE” as a gift.

His ‘Turn It On’ innovation framework gives leaders and managers tools, processes and pathways to make bolder and more profitable innovation an inevitability, not an anomaly.

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