Gerti Saumer, DDr. med. univ.


Mental Health and Emotional Skills Expert
Neuroscience@Leadership Advisor
Medical Doctor | Psychotherapist

Gerti Saumer is a doctor and psychotherapist, Mental Health and Emotional Skills Expert, Neuroscience@Leadership Advisor, Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

She went on, studied medicine (doctor med. univ.) in Vienna, Liverpool and Dresden and finished her psychotherapist training in cognitive behavioral therapy. To deepen her clinical knowledge, she spent her internship in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine at the General Hospital Vienna, dealing with mental disease and doing neuroscience on neuro- and synaptogenesis.

Gerti started her career studying social and economic sciences (doctor rer. soc. oec.) at a local university. She took her first steps in the business world as an external control advisor at KPMG. During those years, her interest in emotional skills, psychological processes and mental health continuously grew.

Her passion for understanding the mind and emotional dynamics led her to decide to study medicine (doctor med. univ.) in Vienna, Liverpool and Dresden. She also completed training as a psychotherapist in cognitive-behavioral therapy. To further expand her clinical knowledge, Gerti completed an internship at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine at the General Hospital in Vienna, where she intensively dealt with mental disease and researched neuroscience, dealing with mental and doing neuroscience , especially neuro and synaptogenesis.

Today she is co-owner of a private practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy in Vienna, teaches young psychotherapists at the University of Vienna and runs self-awareness groups.

Gerti is founder of free therapy, a project against stigmatization of mental disorders.

Moreover, she is CEO and advisor at Saumer Mental Health GmbH, where together with her team Gerti gives advice and coaches companies like Novomatic AG, Erste Group Bank AG or the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in the era of mental health, emotional skills and contemporary leadership.

Saumer Mental Health stands out by providing innovative and personalized solutions, whether through counseling or workshops. The focus is on preserving mental health, developing resilience and preventing mental illnesses.

Dr. Saumer is a passionate cognitive-behavioral therapist who also conducts neuroscientific research on factors influencing group therapy and the importance of emotional skills in leadership. As mental health enthusiasts, she and her team firmly believe that mental well-being is attainable for all individuals, given the right measures.

If someone asks: Everything’s fine!

How leaving the emotionally top-secret zone behind can lead to a healthier life and a more successful organization.

For decades, we have been raised with messages like “no one needs to know how you really feel,” “keep your emotions to yourself,” “you can handle everything on your own,” and “boys don’t cry.” The costs of this upbringing are very high: Suppressed negative emotions lead to physical symptoms. The negative emotions and physical symptoms can result in mental issues such as insomnia, panic attacks, or depression – mental health is put at risk.

Expressing one’s feelings is still often equated with weakness today. However, the opposite is true. Properly managing emotions is an essential component of subjective well-being and individual mental health. Both are the beneficial base for a productive and striving company.

This keynote will teach you how emotions arise, what role they can play in your day-to-day work life, and how to effectively deal with them at the workplace. You will learn how emotional intelligence can be the game changer in your life and your organization, and why leaders with emotional skills lead more sustainably and successfully.

People strive for satisfaction and well-being, and the workplace plays a significant role in fulfilling these needs. The goal is to achieve individual well-being, which in turn contributes to the prosperity of the organization.

The new leadership requires leaders who are in touch with themselves and foresee the impact of their actions from different perspectives and at different levels. If you aspire to be a leader of the future, build emotional strength and truly connect with yourself.

Gerti is a key figure in providing advice to Austrian companies in the context of mental health promotion, emotional skills development and new leadership approaches.

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