Lorenzo Cappannari

MASTRERCLASS: Virtual transformation: the METAVERSE impact on society and business

CEO & Co-Founder

Nerd since the age of eight, he started programming using his father’s 80386 (Intel’s 32-bit microprocessor introduced in 1985, later renamed i386). Shows interest in coding and gaming.

Lorenzo graduated with honors in Business Administration and began his career in Marketing and Sales in large corporations. He builds his experience in management positions in multinational companies, including a period of eight years during which he worked for the luxury eyewear brand, Luxottica.

Among other senior positions, he was GM (General Manager) of RAY BAN for Latin America. Fascinated by the presentation of the Google Glass program, he realizes that the future of the glasses industry is in technology. At the end of 2015, he founded AnotheReality, a company for digital worlds that focuses on METAVERSE design and development technology.

Author of the book ” Futuri Possibili ” about the future of internet (published in Italy by Giunti Editore). Professor at SDA Boccona and Instituto Marangoni.

Today, he is the CEO of AnotheReality, a Virtual Worlds Innovation Company that partners with enterprises in their virtual transformation journey, getting them ready for the coming METAVERSE PARADIGM.

How virtual transformation will disrupt your business

Organizations and businesses are already embracing this new paradigm, in what can be seen as the evolution of digital transformation: virtual transformation. Key takeaways: (1) why and how the metaverse is going to impact all areas of our lives, (2) virtual transformation of businesses has already begun, redefining the future of the workplace.

Welcome to the future of learning – Immersive Technologies as ideal tool for your staff training
It is proven: both immersion and engagement of virtual reality offer superior results versus traditional learning alternatives. According to a study by the National Training Laboratory, virtual reality learning guarantees an effectiveness of 75%, compared to the 5% of a traditional lecture. If combined with augmented reality field training & mentoring, the learning process can be improved by up to 90%.

AnotheReality has developed a proprietary Simulation & Training platform: VIRTUADEMY
Corporations are using XR (AR/VR) to solve real problems and gain competitive advantage. Leading companies are using AR smart glasses to help their industrial digital workers to complete tasks faster and more efficiently; design and engineering studios use VR headsets to streamline their processes, through the adoption of realistic prototyping and mock-ups; analysts use 3D data visualization to find patterns and get better insights from numbers.

Customer & Employee experience and interactions
Whether you are an agency looking for creative innovation, or a company looking for innovative ways of presenting your new launches, XR may be the right solution for you. This technology is now ready to go beyond the “wow” effect, and if applied correctly can guarantee an average increase of + 30% in engagement and click-though. Websites, mobile apps, catalogues, sample sets… may quickly become a heritage of the past?

The future of e-commerce and B2B selling tools
Use immersive storytelling to explore the narrative universe of your brand, or the power of holograms to explore spaces and products with full real time personalization. Enhance your ecommerce experience with XR, or evolve your after-sales customer interaction with your dedicated chatbot. Are you ready?

AnotheReality developed the world first mixed reality application for the banking industry.

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Advisory Board Member
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