Matthew Cross

LEADERS’ GPS - The Hoshin Success Compass™

President of Leadership Alliance
World’s Top Priority Strategist
Fortune 100 Agility & Productivity Advisor

America’s Leading Priority Strategist, Matthew Cross, an acclaimed thought leader, ranked among the top 100 strategists globally according to the American Fortune 100 list, is set to conduct a MASTERCLASS at BBForum 2024. His lectures in New York consistently draw high demand. Additionally, on the following day, April 26th, he will lead an innovative and interactive full-day WORKSHOP focused on evolving practices in contemporary leadership and the core principles of achieving strategic success.

Matthew Cross is President of Leadership Alliance, a cutting-edge organization providing breakthrough strategies for growth and transformation.

A founding partner of the Quantum Performance Training Institute, Deming Quality Scholar, Hoshin Kanri strategic alignment specialist, thought leader & speaker consulting with Fortune 100 companies internationally.

Matthew is also founding partner of the Leading Edge Performance Institute (LEPI), delivering proven executive training programs and eLearning solutions. LEPI integrates and delivers the keys to sustainable peak performance: Strategic Life/Work Prioritization, Vibrant Total Health, Mindfulness, Resilience and Stress Solutions.

Matthew’s passions include learning, maximum health and longevity, competitive running, ancient history, all arts and sciences and Peak Performance On Demand™.

In his impressive career, Matthew has worked with hundreds of companies in the field of strategic planning and development, including some of the largest such as – Black Rock, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and others.

Matthew’s mission includes supporting people and organizations to best plan, execute, achieve and learn. He champions the genius and potential within everyone, lifestyle quality and design and making a difference. He deploys over two decades of professional experience in educational and performance training in leading the Alliance.

To date, he has written thirteen books, most notably The Hoshin Success Compass™ – the world’s first book and seminar for personal and professional application of the valuable Hoshin process of strategic prioritization.

The Leadership Alliance offers tailor-made GPS Hoshin process implementation seminars, catering to individuals, teams, and executive boards. These seminars primarily aim to empower leaders with a concrete and precise strategic direction.

At BBForum, Matthew will present the MASTERCLASS – LEADERS’ GPS “Hoshin Success Compass™,” the world’s first seminar and book that delve into the practical applications of the invaluable Hoshin process for strategic prioritization, both in personal and professional contexts.

The “Leaders’ GPS” process uses the Hoshin Kanri Strategic Alignment System, equipping leaders with a proven methodology to make more informed decisions, select the right actions, and attain superior results.

The Hoshin Success Compass™ is a strategic alignment process embraced by global giants such as Black Rock, Hewlett-Packard, Proctor & Gamble, Bank of America, Toyota, and Honda. This process effectively helps in defining, charting, and supporting critical milestones for achieving success in both personal and professional spheres.

By working together with strategy expert Matthew Cross, you can optimize your priority setting to effectively reach your goals. This process can be applied across all levels, from individual endeavors to team dynamics and executive board strategies.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Matthew is known for his ability to help people and organizations find their best path to great success and personal and professional achievement. Performance coach for diverse groups including leaders, financial advisors, Olympic athletes, sales teams, authors. Creator of tools and processes for personal, team and organizational growth and transformation.

He’s also an ancient history explorer and competitive athlete (running, tennis), with a deep belief in people’s unique genius & vast potential.

As part of the Balkan Business Forum 2024, there will be a full-day WORKSHOP “LEADERS’s GPS“, a unique program led by Matthew Cross tailored for TOP professionals. This workshop is scheduled for April 26th, running from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is exclusively intended for only 50 the top leaders.

Matthew’s mission includes supporting people and organizations to achieve their personal and business goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. READ MORE

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