Vanja Bokun Popović PhD

Embodied Leadership & Brain-based experiential approach

Vanja Bokun Popovic, PhD, is an independent scholar-practitioner, author, facilitator, and lecturer.

With 20 years of international experience, she blends evidence-based scientific methods with innovative inquiry to solve complex problems.

Her work is brain-based, trauma-educated, and focused on experiential learning. As a regular contributor to major media, author of several books, wife and mom of two.

Vanja holds a bachelor’s degree in business, two master’s degrees in psychology and pedagogy, and a doctorate in Psychology.

Her eloquence and professionalism make her a sought-after speaker and facilitator, leaving a lasting impact on her audience.

As the corporate world seeks wisdom and inspiration, Vanja shines brightly, empowering others to embody growth and success in their own unique journeys.

Other speakers

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Archetypal Coach and Consultant
Personal Development Coach
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Executive Fellow, Center for the Future of Organization, Drucker School of Management
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